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Cash Money Chaos for PSP

Smash TV-ish top-down shooter.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sony Online Entertainment's announced a new Smash TV-sounding game-show shoot-'em-up called Cash Money Chaos, due out on PSP in early 2007.

CMC puts players in the role of a hapless human abducted by aliens and forced to take part in a game show. The idea is to dispatch hordes of alien chickens, ninjas and all sorts that are thrown into your path and survive each round with lots of cash.

Basically it's a top-down 360-degree shooter and the single-player mode is structured like seasons of a TV show, with 50 episodes to complete in total and a few unlockables. There's also a high-scores mode that you can work through once you're done and online leaderboards.

On top of that the game will be playable wirelessly - both online and over ad-hoc connections - with up to eight players able to compete, or teams of 2-4 players able to band together against one another.

You can see how it's all looking in the screenshots released with the announcement.

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