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Shinobido PSP details

Details of the Ninja.

Acquire's Tenchu-style Japanese stealth-'em-up, Shinobido, is on its way to PSP later this year, and Famitsu's shed some light on how the handheld version will work.

Like the PS2 game, which came out here under the banner of Shinobido: Way of the Ninja on July 7th, the PSP game focuses on assassinating people and completing a range of missions in a feudal setting.

According to the Famitsu report, partially translated by GameSpot, there are National Tour, Mission Play and ad-hoc multiplayer modes - the latter offering four-player battles for those with the requisite hardware.

There'll also be a level-editor, and you'll be able to use the PS2-PSP USB connection to import characters, and levels made using that game's editor, which can even be played in multiplayer.

The general thrust of the single-player side is to complete various missions - whether it's taking out a group of evildoers, guarding somebody or ferrying something across the map - to earn experience points and unlock new levels and characters, of which there will be 30.

It's all due out on October 26th, and, assuming they're the same thing, it'll be out over here in Q3 bearing the name Shinobido: Tales of the Ninja.

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