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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Games cover-disk on Maxim?

PC demos and all-format trailers.

Lads' mag Maxim is planning to cover-mount a games DVD stuffed with PC demos and trailers of games on all formats, according to a report on MCV's website.

The DVD will be introduced in September and if successful may well run quarterly, giving gamers without the patience to scour the net for new demos and trailers - or the time or inclination to tie up the Internet connection by downloading them en masse - an easy way of getting hold of them.

Not to mention an easy way of justifying the semi-naked pictures of tart-of-the-month to the missus. Think abooooooout it. "I read it for the game demos."

MCV reckons publishers are clamouring to get their games onto the clammy magazine's cover-mount. Watch out for it later this year, you dirty filthy retched young hellbound men, you.