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Phantasy Star Universe for PC, consoles

Devotees of the Dreamcast classic to get their phantasies phulphilled. Phinally.

The long-awaited next instalment in the Dreamcast and GameCube RPG series Phantasy Star Online will be on US and Japanese shelves this winter, according to Famitsu PS2.

Although the game was originally announced as a GameCube exclusive, reports now suggest it will appear on PC, PS2 and Xbox - and poor old Cube fans could well miss out altogether. A price point of $65 has been put forward for the US version, but there's no word yet as to online subscription costs.

PSU is being developed by Sega's Sonic Team, and from what we've seen so far you can expect the usual collection of shiny spaceships, spiky-haired heroes and freakishly-large monsters. Oh, and a pirate. More on Phantasy Star Universe just as soon as we get it.