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Dead Rising US date adjusted

Bludgeon the undead back a bit.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Capcom's zombie hackandslash Dead Rising is now due out sometime this summer in the US of States, says Capcom's American website. It had been due out in May.

Apparently that's not a change as such though: a Capcom rep told GameSpot that May had been more of an approximation than a firm date anyway. Tsk!

Meanwhile over here Capcom Eurosoft's press site still lists the game as "TBC 2006", so it seems fair to say that it's still a bit of a way off as a whole, then.

Still, it was in enough of a shape to be playable at the Tokyo Game Show in September, where we spent a good fifteen minutes struggling through a sea of zombies in a shopping centre, blowing them up with shotguns, whacking them with all manner of bats and trying to escort civilians out of their way.

The game seems to work on a kind of two-layered approach, where most of the zombs just mill around and the ones closest to you lurch into play as you near. Works quite well - and the 360 can draw tons of them at once.

Soon as we hear anything else, we'll eat your mum.

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