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GTA4: Europe rumour debunked

Idle speculation to blame.

Rockstar's not working on a European version of Grand Theft Auto, apparently.

Or at least, it probably isn't. Rockstar doesn't tend to say much, but in this case the reports of a European version seem not to have come from Rockstar anyway, so they're easier to stamp out.

Rumours that such a game is in development reportedly began life in UK magazine PSM2, but an update to the mag's website yesterday pointed out that the feature that paved the way for the gossip was nothing more than a speculation piece about where the series might go next.

It even came under the heading "Speculating Wildly About GTA 4", the mag said.

As for what we do know about the next GTA, Rockstar recently said it was porting PSP title Liberty City Stories to PS2 and creating a new GTA title for PSP.