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New pics of Wii accessories

See what'll be sitting on your TV.

It's been just HOURS since our crack team made it back from LA, but they've already had time to go down Snappy Snaps so we can enjoy some exclusive pics of a few spanky Wii accessories.

As you can see in the photo gallery, there's a new shot of that retro-style "classic" controller, plus the funky light gun add-on that we'll be using to play next-gen Duck Hunt.

You can also see the "Sensor Bar" which will sit atop your telly so the Wii will be able to work out what's going on when you're waving your remote controller about. Don't know about you, but it'll certainly go nicely with our living room curtains.

We'll bring you more exciting Wii news just as soon as we've finished explaining to the police that the second set of photos was meant for personal viewing only.