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Dead or Alive 4 slips?

Fortunately not too far.

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Dead or Alive 4 has almost certainly slipped until December in the USA, while some European retailers have now moved the game into 2006. Amazon is quoting January 13th.

Last week US retailers EB Games removed DOA4 from one of its Xbox 360 launch bundles, replacing it with Activision's Call of Duty 2 - various retailers had already pegged it back to December 1st.

Tecmo has so far declined to comment on reports stemming from the retail manoeuvres, and Microsoft UK didn't respond to requests for comment last week.

It shouldn't slip much further away from the US launch, however - if the Japanese plan is anything to go by. Over there, the game's still aimed at the December 10th launch date, and Microsoft's been promoting it pretty heavily in anticipation.

We'll let you know if we hear any official confirmation.

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