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DOA4 given UK date

When will we get to... FIGHT!

Microsoft's just confirmed what most UK retailers had already been saying - that Dead or Alive 4 will ship on Xbox 360 from January 27th.

That's not bad going, given that it only came out in Japan and the USA at the end of December.

It's a bit later than developer Tecmo would have liked, however - the game's much-publicised delays in December for final tweaks meant that it missed the Japanese launch of the console, which suffered as a result.

Mind you, it might even shift some units over there if it does as well for 360 as DOA3 did for Xbox. The new game introduces a revamped fight system, new and old characters (including unlockable ones like Halo's Spartan-458), and a full range of Xbox Live options.

Plus, obviously, it ought to look very nice.

Look forward to our review in the run up to the game's release next Friday. Rob's already sharpening his thumbs to help with "the beatings" (we tried to explain, but he wouldn't listen).

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