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Musashi: SL for Europe

Atari signs Squenix RPG.

Atari has confirmed that it will publish action role-playing game Musashi: Samurai Legend in Europe this autumn, exclusively on PS2. Screenshots can be found here.

Developed by Square-Enix, MSL is the follow-up to Brave Fencer Musashi, one of Squaresoft's first ventures into action RPG territory. It was released in the US and Japan back in 1998, but never made it over here.

This time around, Musashi has been summoned by a Princess Mycella to save her people from certain doom. As he journeys through a strange new world, Musashi must hone his skills, build his strength and probably collect loads of items and stuff as he prepares to face his evil nemesis.

We're promised an all-new battle system that lets Musashi learn from his opponents, throwing their own techniques back in their faces and breaking their noses in the process. What's more, he can pick up both friends and enemies and wield them as badass weapons, helpfully.

Expect cel-shaded graphics "faithful to the eye-popping style of Japanese anime, a style which is mirrored again in the great depth of storyline and the heart-stopping action," according to some Atari bigwig. Lovely.

Musashi: Samurai Legend is due out in September.