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Chrome sequel announced

For PC and next-gen.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Polish developer Techland is working on a sequel to Chrome, its sci-fi themed tactical first-person shooter for the PC which came out in 2003.

The sequel will be released on PC and a next-generation console platform, and at this point all we really know is that it'll include a single-player campaign and multiplayer for up to 64 combatants.

CEO Pawel Marchewka says the decision to begin production on a sequel was taken "early in 2005", with pre-production kicking off at the beginning of this year.

"When Call of Juarez - our currently most important project enters beta phase, part of the team may redirect its work to first stages of Chrome sequel development," says Marchewka.

"For some time now we are experimenting with interesting concepts taken form books, comics and sci-fi movies that at this point were never ported into video games or were ported without success. Basing on the few first elements we prototyped for the next part of Chrome we think it will revolutionise sci-fi games, allowing players to experience brand new content and original gameplay."

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