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NES games set for GBA launch?

Fifteen euro a pop.

1UP reports this week that Nintendo is planning a series of 8-bit NES remakes for the Game Boy Advance. According to a recent newsletter from 21010.net, the Famicom Mini series of games will go on sale in Japan starting February 14th, with 10 classic NES games on offer for 2,000 yen (€15) each.

The initial line-up consists of five first party favourites and a selection of third party titles, so there's Bomberman, Donkey Kong, Excitebike, Ice Climber, Legend of Zelda, Mappy, Pac-Man, Star Solider, Super Mario Brothers and Xevious for a start. Quite how the Japanese (and Western gamers, if ever the opportunity arises) will react to paying €15 for an 8-bit game (particularly when some of them can be loaded via eReader software and cards for considerably less) remains to be seen. To us though, that list is crying out to be the basis of one NES bumper cartridge or something of the sort...

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