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DS downloads on offer

Free content for all attendees.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Going to E3 next week? Then be sure to take your DS, says Nintendo, cos they'll be offering free content to everyone who turns up.

They're planning to host a special Nintendo DS Download Play area, where visitors can wirelessly access playable game demos, videos and "other content".

What other content, eh? Nintendo is keeping a lid on it for now, telling Eurogamer that it wants to "maintain an element of surprise."

So no list of the games being demoed, either, but seeing as extra levels for Meteos and Nintendogs are already available for download in Japan it's possible they'll be on offer at E3, too.

Not going to E3 next week? Then stick with Eurogamer and your F5 button for continuous updates throughout the event. Just like the real thing, only with less beer, booth babes, free merchandise and whooping Americans. But, you know.

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