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Half-Life 2 for Xbox

First snippets of info start to ooze out.

Following confirmation that Half-Life 2 is in development for Xbox by the console's official US magazine, a few details of what we can expect have started to emerge.

The Xbox version will feature exactly the same content as the original, according to a report on CVG, plus even better lighting effects that will outshine those in the PC game.

And although there's no multiplayer mode straight off, the report continued, the in-game menu has a downloadable content option, suggesting this could be added in later.

However, an article on states that there will be no downloadable content on offer whatsoever - and certainly no multiplayer option. Once again improved lighting is suggested, though textures will of course be less detailed.

Loading times will be the same as in the PC version thanks to a new Streaming technology, the report goes on, and an auto-aim option has been included in the control system. A US release date of summer 2005 is suggested.

Vivendi was unavailable for comment at the time of writing, but we'll bring you more news as soon as we get it.