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Lineage II gets new expansion

World to grow by a third.

NCsoft has launched a new expansion for Lineage II which increases the size of the in-game world by a whole 33 per cent, or one third in the old money.

Chronicle 4: Scions of Destiny, which offers 800MB of brand new content, is billed as one of the largest MMO updates ever. New features include high-level hunting areas Rune and Godard, plus a new castle in Godard which players can try to seize. There's also an invincible - well, nearly invincible - fire dragon called Valakas, and you can now go fishing.

High level players are in for a few treats - there's now a third class transfer option for players who reach level 76, so you can get more powerful skills. The new "hero and noblesse system" lets level 75s compete in the Grand Olympian, a PvP challenge, and the winner will be crowned "hero" before being awarded spanky new weapons and "a special heroic aura."

Scions of Destiny is out now and it's free of charge to Lineage II subscribers - you can read more over at the Lineage website.