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Largest ever Lineage II update announced

Level 99! Top-tier classes! Old-world revamp!

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Goddess of Destruction will be the largest free Lineage II update ever.

Due later this year, Goddess of Destruction raises the level cap from 85 to 99, and offers eight new character classes to evolve into, each with "entirely new" sets of skills and powers.

There will be more than 30 new hunting grounds, 60 new raid bosses and over 400 new weapons and armour pieces to loot.

What's more, Goddess of Destruction "revamps" the entire old-world of Lineage II. The levelling curve will be smoother, new starting zones added, item drop rates increased and a "myriad other changes to improve the overall fun and convenience" of Lineage II.

NCsoft has also announced new instance-based clan housing, which offers more than 200 areas that will be renewed monthly.

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