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Interlude test server opens

Try out new Lineage II chapter.

The test server for Lineage II: The Chaotic Chronicle - Interlude is now alive and kicking.

All you have to do to take part is whisk over to the website and sign yourself up. You'll then be able to romp around the new content as a level-75 character of your choice.

You'll obviously have to be a Lineage II subscriber to get in on the action, and you should make sure the test client you download is installed in a different folder to the one the normal game is in, since it'll result in a corrupted game client if you don't. But panic not if you've rushed ahead and already made this mistake - a re-install will soon set things right again.

Interlude will add a new Primeval Isle, where dinosaurs stomp around like they never went out of fashion, making it only safe for top-level players to explore. Because these reptiles are ferocious, as Jurassic Park attempted to explain.

You'll also now be able to duel your friends anywhere you like, augment the powers of your weapons at Blacksmiths, and get new shadow weapons, which will be imitations of the ridiculously expensive and powerful pieces of kit that the rich kids trawl around. However, they'll not be as good and eventually wear out and disappear, so don't get too excited.

Plus there's the usual onslaught of new quests and new skills to spice up your Lineage II pie, as well as 150,000 sparkly new items to be discovered.

Interlude will also pave the way for a whole new storyline in Lineage II called The Chaotic Throne. The old storyline, The Chaotic Chronicles, will dramatically reach its climax, probably leaving a few of us in tears.

If you've no idea what we're waffling on about, Lineage II is an MMORPG that was launched way back in 2003, and more than 14 million customers have enjoyed the experience to date, though most of which are in the eastern reaches of the world.

Quest over to the Lineage II website for more information.

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