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Lineage II gets new race, more

Kamael expansion launches.

NCsoft has announced the release of the largest expansion ever for Lineage II.

Called Kamael, it introduces a new playable race, new lands for players above level 70, fortress battles, instanced dungeons and various new services.

It's free to all current subscribers to NCsoft's long-running MMORPG, and will soon be followed by additions that allow players to transfer their character to a new server, or change their name or gender, for a price.

Kamael's new playable race is, predictably, the Kamael - a one-winged soldier race which controls a form of dark magic and is presented in different class paths based on ender. Their "ultimate goal" is to earn a second wing and reach the "final form".

Meanwhile, level-70-plus characters can explore the new lands of Hellbound and the Isle of Prayer, while others still can engage in daily, clan-based fortress battles, which will allow smaller clans to gain a foothold according to NCsoft. Instanced dungeons, finally, will be split between those that require a particular quest to enter and others that require you to have a castle or a fortress to your name.

NCsoft has also bundled in new item slots and of course new items, including more powerful weapons and armour.

Kamael weighs in at over 1GB and more information can be found at eu.lineage2.com. The full game retails for GBP 19.99, which includes 45 days of free gameplay.

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