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Lineage II expands this month

Gracia Final brings new continent, flight.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

NCsoft has announced that it will be celebrating the fifth anniversary of its stalwart MMO Lineage II with a new free expansion.

Gracia Final, as it's called, will introduced the new continent of Gracia. Players will be able to fly there using aerial transformation skills.

The game's organised player-versus-player is also getting a substantial update. A new random PVP arena is intended to make the competitive side of the game more accessible, while the Olympiad tournament will now include 3 vs 3 matches.

A new territory battle system will open up the land control and rewards of Lineage II's castle sieges to players outside of clans, who'll be able to join in as mercenaries. Meanwhile, clan players will be able to level their clans up to 11.

Lineage II was recently defeated by Final Fantasy XI in the second round of Eurogamer MMO's Ten Level Test. (And yes, we know it's been ages and the third round is overdue, been busy, sorry.)

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