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New Lineage chapter available

Dinosaurs and other stuff.

The Interlude expansion for Lineage II is now available to download, and is completely free for all current subscribers.

This new content will round off the existing Chaotic Chronicle storyline, before introducing a completely new one called The Chaotic Throne. They do sound alike, don't they? That's confusing.

Bundled into this package is a whole bag of naughty surprises. There's a new Primeval Isle with hungry dinosaurs stomping around that will offer sightseers a glimpse of Wild Striders, Pachycephalosaurus (try saying that), and Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Because all these beasties are a bit big and scary in real life, you can expect them to be pretty tough in-game. So before you go head-first into battle, make sure you're of appropriate level and have some friends.

A fancy new duelling system is also being chucked in. This will let you challenge a single person or an entire other group to a fight, and won't punish you if you lose. A perfect learning tool, you could say.

There's also cupboards full of new bonuses to enhance and customise your shiny and hard fought-for weapons, while lower level pansies can now use Shadow Weapons to imitate real ones and "try before they buy".

"I am really excited about this next stage in the evolution of Lineage II," said Mirko Gozzo, European product manager of Lineage II. "Interlude introduces exciting new elements to the world of Lineage II and teases players as to what is to come in The Chaotic Throne."

"Plus, we have an entire island of dinosaurs to hunt - what is their not to like? Interlude once again demonstrates NCsoft's commitment to providing players with regular fresh content and sizeable challenges for both new and experienced players."

NCsoft will be boxing the game for retail, which will include all past updates and a 15-day gamecard. Or you can just download the update online.

If you've no idea what we're waffling on about, Lineage II is an MMORPG that was launched way back in 2003, and more than 14 million customers have enjoyed the experience to date, though most of which are in the eastern reaches of the world. Pop over to the new European teaser site for more information.

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