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Lineage II gets levelling speed boost

Rest experience system introduced.

NCsoft is set to introduce a Vitality system to Lineage II that will greatly speed up levelling.

The update, Gracia - Part 1, will be available in shops from 19th September. We presume online patching will be offered around the same time.

Vitality works in a similar way to rest experience in World of Warcraft, which adds bonuses to experience earned after spending time away from the game. Vitality takes this one step further and tops up your experience bonus when visiting various safe zones.

New characters will start with a maximum Vitality bonus, but NCsoft has made no mention of what existing adventurers will be rewarded with when the patch is introduced.

As well as Vitality, NCsoft will boost quest rewards and boss loot in Lineage II, add new and improved items and skills, and make hordes of collectibles more accessible to a greater number of people.

Gracia - Part 1 also opens the dream-like world of Kamaloka, where you will face a series of tricky opponents "tailored" to your experience level, apparently.