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CDV unveils 2004 line-up

Breed in February, with Blitzkrieg, Lula 3D, Cossacks II and even Blitzkrieg II on the horizon.

Embattled German publisher CDV has unveiled its line-up for 2004 and slightly beyond, which finally promises to deliver long overdue first-person shooter Breed in February, an expansion for the same in the third quarter, as well as a feast for strategy fans and fans of "alternative" forms of entertainment to boot.

The second quarter should be a busy time for CDV, with Codename Pazners, "erotic action-adventure" title Lula 3D and Blitzkrieg due out in the same period, while the aforementioned Breed add-on is due in the third quarter alongside Cossacks II. Hopefully Breed is now dead set for February, although with so many delays behind it we're still a mite sceptical.

The fourth quarter meanwhile will see the European release of combat-heavy Xbox exclusive Vultures, with add-ons for Blitzkrieg and Codename Panzers lined up for a pre-Christmas release too. Looking even further ahead, CDV's crystal ball apparently has a sequel to Blitzkrieg due in the first quarter 2005. It might sound like a quick sharp follow-up, but CDV is promising overhauled technology and a 3D approach for Blitzkrieg II.