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Prey sequel confirmed

Giving the game away.

A sequel to Human Head's forthcoming sci-fi shooter Prey is on the way by the look of it.

A message at the conclusion of the game reveals that "Prey will continue" leaving little room for doubt that a follow-up to the 2K-published title will be released.

The collaboration between 3D Realms and Human Head is set for release on PC and Xbox 360 on July 14th, and we will have an in-depth review for you on the morning of its release.

Its release marks the end of one of the longest running sagas in gaming history, with 3D Realms having originally announced the project way back in 1997 before quietly canning it shortly afterwards. However, even Prey's story can't match 3D Realms' ongoing Duke Nukem Forever shenanigans - also announced in 1997 and the victim of more false starts than a caffeine addled sprinter.

But rather than rehash the tired old DNF gags and speculate whether it'll be out this year, check out our coverage of Prey to date.