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Summit Strike content on Live

Maps, guns, modes - details.

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Ubisoft has released a bundle of new content for Ghost Recon 2: Summit Strike on Xbox. The content can be downloaded now and is, according to posts on the official forums, also available to those playing the game through Xbox 360.

New maps come in the form of Province (a wooded night-time map focused on close-quarters combat between two villages) and a pair brought back from Ghost Recon 2, called Battle (a bridged creek with lots of wooded cover) and Sand Mine (large piles of sand with small buildings and fences around the perimeter).

But fans seem to be getting more excited about the option to restrict the use of Lone Wolf and Launched Explosives in multiplayer mode - something they'd been asking for - and a new Blind Siege game-type.

Other game-types include Capture the Flag and Headhunter (team-based hunting focused on squads of AI soldiers), but Blind Siege has won most name-checks - it's like the existing Siege or Double Siege modes, except it randomises the siege zone so the defending team is left uncertain where the assault will come from.

The pack also adds seven new weapons. Oh go on then, they're the M16 rifle, A2 SD, AUG, AUG/M203P, SCAR-L AR, SCAR-L/EGLM and M1A SR. We fired an AUG once, although that was in, er, Counter-Strike. We've only "done guns" in real life that one time at a firing range in Inglewood (seriously) when Pat was told to "calm down" after unloading six rounds in about two seconds.

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