Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2: Summit Strike

Summit Strike content on Live

Maps, guns, modes - details.

Ubisoft has released a bundle of new content for Ghost Recon 2: Summit Strike on Xbox. The content can be downloaded now and is, according to posts on the official forums, also available to those playing the game through Xbox 360.

Ghost Recon 2: Summit Strike

Ghost Recon 2: Summit Strike

Going cheap and worth every cent.

When a budget-priced offering such as Summit Strike ends up beating all of its squad-based rivals in every department you could mention, it makes a complete mockery of the very concept of the full-price release. Even at its undiscounted price tag of 19.99 (and 12.99 is more likely if you shop around) it beats its hyped rivals hands-down in every single area to an embarrassing degree. The idea that punters are shelling out more than double to play the likes of Rainbow Six Lockdown and Conflict Global Storm seems not only a ludicrous concept to us, but actually quite depressing.

Regular visitors to the squad-based gaming arena will note that this is hardly a new phenomenon, either. Last year's cheap-as-chips Rainbow Six add-on, Black Arrow, did much the same thing, as did the original Ghost Recon add-on 'Island Thunder': build a whole new single-player campaign with the same game engine, chuck in a few new multiplayer modes and service the fan base with more of the same.

When you've got a game that's as polished as this, "more of the same" nine, ten months down the line is a welcome bonus. For the price you won't believe your luck, and it's an honest strategy that we'd really like to see more publishers adopt. You see, Mr Publisher, when you dish up another helping of near-greatness and just badge it as 'more levels of that game you really dug last year', and give it to us for a snip, we'll love you for it. It's not a hard concept to grasp.

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Sommat up with Summit Strike

Xbox Ghost Recon 2 pack issue.

Ubisoft has acknowledged an issue with US Xbox title Ghost Recon 2: Summit Strike that freezes the game and presents an error message, and says it is looking into the problem.