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New Chaos Theory maps soon

On Xbox and PC.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Chaos Theorists will be pleased to hear that Ubisoft is planning to release some new downloadable maps for the most recent Splinter Cell game on PC and Xbox in the coming weeks and months.

Kicking things off "within the next two weeks" will be the Versus map Steel Squat. That's coming out on Xbox, having already appeared on the PC.

Then, during the summer, Ubi will release a pair of new co-op maps simultaneously on both formats, and reports suggest these will be dubbed Nuclear Plant and UN HQ - a tasty though perhaps less than tasteful prospect.

Ubi also says that an additional Versus map called Polar Base will be made available by the time the leaves start to turn brown.

More details on those maps, and indeed a screenshot of Steel Squat, can be found on Ubi's Splinter Cell website here.

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