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New Chaos Theory maps out

And causing problems on X360.

Ubisoft has re-released some new maps for Splinter Cell Chaos Theory - but some players are having trouble accessing them, just for a change.

Back in August, you may recall, Ubi made two new maps available for download: one based around a nuclear plant, the other set in the UN headquarters. Only problem was, many players complained that it was impossible to actually access the maps in-game.

Which meant Ubi was forced to withdraw them - but now they're back, along with a new versus mode map titled Polar Base.

Unfortunately, those who want to try out the new maps on their Xbox 360 could be out of luck. As detailed on the Ubisoft forums, many X360 owners are reporting that the game freezes or in some instances won't even load once the maps have been downloaded.

One poster going under the name of DamonMP reckons he has the solution: "Go and delete your CT saves first. Then go to Xbox360's website and download the backwards compatibility update and burn it to CD.

"Load it into the 360 and let it re-update your 360. Then load back up Splinter Cell and download the Xbox Live update for SC CT, and it should work fine."

Sounds like an awful lot of hassle to us, so does Ubi have a simpler solution? So far they've yet to announce one, but we'll keep you posted.