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New plot for Splinter Cell film

Sam is now a cartoon badger.

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Raymond Benson, the author of the two Splinter Cell novels [there are two Splinter Cell novels? - Ed], reckons the storyline for the upcoming Splinter Cell film won't have much in common with his work or the games.

Speaking to fan site The Fairer Sects (very good), Benson said the screenplay "is totally original and not based on any existing game or my books". Which isn't to say, of course, that it will be about gardening or pet rescue or anything, but rather that it will put sneaky spy pin-up Sam Fisher on a different path to the ones we already know about.

The film's apparently in pre-production at the moment, with Peter Berg attached to direct. There's no cast yet, and we don't know much about Berg either, although we did find a rather excellent IMDB picture of him pointing one way and actor Dwayne Johnson looking the other.

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