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Get free mobile games in exchange for feedback

The Mobile Panel gives you access to new mobile games in exchange for your feedback. And you could win an iPod, too.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

"Mobile games are rubbish." We hear that a lot. It's not true, mind, but it is the common perception. And obviously not everybody is happy about that - least of all the games' developers and publishers. That's why global research firm NOP World has set up The Mobile Panel - a worldwide panel of mobile gamers who provide useful feedback on the latest mobile games, which is then organised and shipped off to the developers to help them gauge the market's reaction to certain ideas.

Why should you care? Because you like free stuff. Everybody does. And by signing up to be on The Mobile Panel, you can get your hands on free mobile games months before they hit the, er, airwaves. All you have to do is provide a little feedback in return for your freebie, and in doing so you will also qualify for a monthly draw. This month's prize is an Apple iPod - something we can heartily recommend...

All you have to do to join is fill out an application form thingum on the website, giving the organisers an idea of your mobile gaming habits and what sort of hardware you're packing, and before long you could be playing new mobile games or nursing a shiny new MP3 player through the rigours of the world. Just make sure you don't object to the odd bit of interaction with The Mobile Panel reps, as outlined here, and you're golden.

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