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Ninja Gaiden to ship with SNES bonuses

Rather than NES perks. Still no certainty over the date, sadly.

Last week, Tecmo representatives told a forum of eager Ninja Gaiden fans that the original three NES titles would be included as bonus unlockables. This week, the developer has moved to clarify that statement in a follow-up. Apparently it's the SNES versions of Ninja Gaiden, not the NES originals, which will be included in the package.

"They enhanced the Trilogy version for the SNES so Itagaki-san [Dead Or Alive creator Tomonobu Itagaki] wants to honour their work from the last game," a Tecmo rep commented, adding "it is not the NES versions as I previously mentioned."

Ninja Gaiden is reportedly due out in Q2 2004 in Europe and is one of Tecmo's biggest planned releases of 2004 on Xbox, alongside Dead or Alive Ultimate (formerly Dead or Alive Online). The game centres on the plight of notorious ninja assassin Ryu Hyabusa, on a quest for revenge following the death of his clan, and is being touted as one of the system's next big exclusives.

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