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GTA: San Andreas delayed, PC version confirmed

And the GBA version is due in late October.

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has been set back a week, Take-Two announced last night as part of its latest financial report, but the publisher has finally confirmed plans to release the game on PC next year.

Announcing the delay, which will see San Andreas his US retail on October 26th and European stores on the 29th, the publisher said: "The title's launch date was moved to allow additional time for final testing of the game."

The publisher then went on to say that it planned to release San Andreas on PC in the third quarter of fiscal 2005, which means that it ought to be available to PC owners by the end of July 2005.

Meanwhile, the publisher also virtually confirmed reports that the Game Boy Advance version of Grand Theft Auto would be released on October 22nd. "Rockstar also plans to release an extension of the Grand Theft Auto franchise for the Game Boy Advance in late October," it said.

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