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Sonic to appear on Wii

Expect wand-based steering.

Sega has announced Sonic Wild Fire, a brand new solo adventure for the little blue roadkill and a Wii exclusive that promises to make full use of the new motion-sensing controller.

The plot involves some nonsense about missing pages of the Arabian Nights storybook, which means (naturally) that Sonic gets to recreate the ending by zooming off and, presumably, collecting a set of rings that rivals the summer collection at Elizabeth Duke.

Sonic's first solo outing since his console debut in 1991 will take place amidst "brightly coloured mosaic tiles, glistening oases, swaying palm trees, and crumbling stone columns" and includes new, as yet undisclosed environmental tricks and attacks.

By holding the Wii controller horizontally with both hands, you'll be able to tilt left and right to steer Sonic onto different paths and manoeuvre him away from obstacles and enemies. Flinging the controller forward - without letting go, we'd imagine - will cause him to perform a dash attack that can break barriers and squish enemies on the ground or in the air.

There's also a set of new mini-games included, just in case you have friends, all of which will make use of the unique controller functionality.

Expect Sonic to slip onto Wii in 2007, and of course, expect more information on all things current and next-gen as E3 week continues.