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Kuju unveils new PS3 game

An FPS called Redwood Falls.

UK developer Kuju has announced that it is currently working on a first-person shooter for the PlayStation 3.

Kuju unveiled the game, which is titled Redwood Falls, at the Play UK 2006 games seminar in Tokyo. Judging by the footage which was shown at the event, it's likely to have Jack Thompson and his chums up in arms, as it appears that when a character is shot their skin and flesh are torn away to reveal bones and organs.

Characters don't die, though - their bodies then start to regenerate until they are back to full health. You can view some pics over at Famitsu.com.

Producer Tancred Dyke-Wells told Famitsu that enemies in the game will also be able to heal themselves and mutate into more powerful entities, and will even use their own bones as weapons. "In this game, the cells of your enemies have individual AI," he said.

Dyke-Wells went on to say that the theme of the game is "regeneration" rather than "destruction", stating: "It was our intention to completely reproduce the human body."

Kuju is currently seeking a publisher for Redwood Falls.

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Redwood Falls


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