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Warners seeks Justice

New DC comics game coming.

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Calling all caped crusaders, men of steel and women of wonder - Warner Bros. has announced that a new Justice League of America RPG, based on the DC comic books of the same name, is currently in development for PS2 and Xbox.

The game will feature a healthy selection of the world's greatest super heroes, including Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Zatanna and Flash ah-ahh, saviour of the universe.

Each will possess unique super powers specific to their character, giving you a variety of fighting styles to choose from as you bring down the forces of evil. Plus you'll be able to customise their skills and team up with a fellow super hero for two-player co-operative combat.

"The joy of the Justice League as a game is the chance to be your favourite characters and to interact with the rest of the team in the rich fantasy world of the DC universe," said DC Comics bigwig Paul Levitz.

Warner Bros.'s Jason Hall added: "The innovative and highly engaging combat system will capture the strength and appeal of the characters, offering players a tremendously fun and rewarding experience."

Justice League of America is due out in autumn 2006.

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