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PS3, PSP firmware updated

1.30 and 3.02 respectively.

Sony has released another compulsory update for PlayStation 3, bringing the system software up to version 1.30.

Additions this time include support for the Blu-ray remote control (due out this month in Japan and the US) and USB peripherals for PS2 games, as well as a utility for backing up hard disk data to removable media, and a graphics resolution tweak.

Alas, it doesn't appear to be the much desired upscale fix. Instead, the console will now use the highest possible resolution regardless of what a game outputs in natively - for example, a 1080p game on a 1080i monitor will now output in 1080i, rather than opting for 720p.

PS3 owners in the US and Japan will be prompted to download the firmware update the next time they log on.

More details are available on Sony's website.

Meanwhile, there's also another firmware update for the PSP (3.02), details and files for which can be found elsewhere on the Sony website, although in this case all it seems to do is add some more security measures.