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Giz will be a hit, says Virgin

It'll outsell PS2. Er, what?

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Virgin Megastores reckons that handhelds are going to outsell PlayStation 2s this Christmas - and they don't just mean the DS and PSP.

Yes, amazingly, Virgin has predicted that the Gizmondo will be the fifth best-selling console this festive season. Xbox 360 will take the top spot, apparently, followed by the DS, PSP and Game Boy Micro.

Neither the current-gen Xbox nor the PS2 get a mention, however - which is rather surprising since Sony recently announced that it's shipped 100 million PS2s worldwide, shifting nearly 50,000 just last week.

Conversely, only 5,000 Gizmondo units were sold during the first three months after launch - and sales don't appear to have picked up much since.

So how did Virgin come to this conclusion? Well, a spokesperson told Eurogamer that the predictions are "based on sales at the time."

Which would of course imply that the Gizmondo is outselling PS2 in Virgin Megastores branches across the country. Right.

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