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Shoot real women on the net

Only with paint, mind.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

First-person shooter games are all very well, but wouldn't it be fun if you could shoot real human targets instead? Preferably female ones wearing bikinis?

Well, the people behind seem to think so, anyway. Thanks to what's described as "a revolutionary breakthrough in online paintball technology", you can now blast paintballs travelling at 200 mph at real live people, "from anywhere in the world, regardless of skill level, with only your home computer and an Internet connection."

The man responsible is one John Lockwood, who's done this sort of thing before. Last year he launched, a site which allowed visitors to shoot animals on his Texas ranch by controlling a rifle via their PC. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the project found many critics, and laws against it were passed in several states.

But for now, Live-Paintball is still up and running - and you can watch a video demonstration over on the website. "It hurts," says the lady in the bikini after getting splatted in the thigh. Ever thought of working in a shop or something instead?

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