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Who won the PSP compo?

As in: we know, and you can find out in here. Thicky.

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"I never win anything!" they cry. Which always seems odd when it's a reply to an email that says "YOU HAVE WON A PSP!" but let's not quibble. They have now, which means there's a few less misanthropic bytes floating around cyberspace this morning. We give something back, us.

And how! The competition you've all been asking about recently is our wonderful PlayStation Portable plus TOCA Race Driver 2 plus Colin McRae Rally 2005 Plus PLUS t-shirt one, which you can wear when you go outside with your PSP plus games pluuus inflated sense of self-esteem. So, as you might imagine, it pluses us to inform you that it was a Mr Dave Tansley who was lucky enough to walk away with the bundle this time. Lucky SOD.

Running up behind him in a manner that wins them copies of TOCA and Colin McRae respectively, as well as t-shirts, were Tony Clough and Luis Silva. All three winners correctly identified "Touring Car Association" as the thing TOCA stands for, even though they obviously loved my joke about badgers.

But, ya know, if you didn't win this time (and if you're not one of those people, you didn't, obviously) you needn't despair, because we've got another PSP to give away over the next fortnight, so you can always get on board with that. Keep an eye out for more competitions in the future.

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