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Eurogamer to co-host London Game Career Fair

It'll take place this October.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Eurogamer is teaming up with serious business type websites and to host the London Game Career Fair this October.

The two-day event will run as part of this year's London Games Festival, and is designed to give publishers, studios and game companies the chance to meet games industry professionals, recent graduates and people from the fields of computer graphics, animation and film.

The Career Fair will be held between October 3rd - 4th at Café Royal on Regent Street, and an estimated 1000 visitors are expected to attend. Serious business types might like to know that there are plenty of sponsorship opportunities available - you can have your very own booth in the Career Pavilion, and advertise at the event, on the website and in the program. More information is available from

"The involvement of in the London Games Career Fair demonstrates our ongoing commitment to promoting the industry both within the UK and worldwide," said trade advertising manager Richard Sturgess, in his best serious business voice.

"This event will offer an ideal platform for all sectors of the industry to build new relationships with companies and individuals, and will provide an excellent opportunity to seek out new talent."

The Career Fair is part of the London Games Festival, which will be held during the week of October 2nd - 6th. Other events planned for the festival include the Game Developers Conference London, which will focus on next-generation gaming, and the London Games Summit - an event that will bring publishers, developers, retailers and policy makers together to debate the major issues affecting the games industry today. The summit is being programmed by the CMP Game Group, and will be co-presented by ELSPA and TIGA. and are published by Eurogamer Network.

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