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Sega doing PS3 golf game

Stars famous Japanese family.

Sega has announced that a new golf game is currently in development for PlayStation 3 - and it's set to star Japan's most famous golfing family.

For those who aren't familiar with the Japanese golfing scene, that'll be the Miyazato family - brothers and sister Kiyoshi, Yusaku and Ai. You'll be able to choose which one you play as and compete on famous courses from around the globe. If you're playing as Ai, you'll also have the option to choose from a selection of outfits based on her real life wardrobe.

Sega said the game is almost finished and could be done as soon as spring. They're hoping to release it around the same time as the PS3 hits the shops - which is still supposed to be spring in Japan, but those rumours of a delay just won't stop flying. Ah well, let's wait and see...