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RoboBlitz on XBLA tomorrow

1200 points.

RoboBlitz will be this Wednesday's 8am GMT addition to Xbox Live Arcade, says Microsoft, after all we got last week was a patch for Texas Hold 'em. Cheapskates.

Developed by Naked Sky and already out on PC, RoboBlitz is an Unreal Engine 3 title that mixes puzzle-solving and action as the titular Blitz tries to activate a space cannon to save his world from pirates.

It'll be physics-driven, apparently, and believe it or not Naked Sky has managed to cram the lofty technology into a 50MB file-size, although the cost is a bit heftier than usual too - with 1200 Microsoft points (GBP 10.20 / EUR 13.96) the asking price.

Look out for a RoboBlitz review in the near future.