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RoboBlitz coming to Xbox Live

Some time next year.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Naked Sky has announced that action puzzler RoboBlitz is currently in development for the Xbox 360, and will be available via Xbox Live Arcade next year.

RoboBlitz sees you playing as Blitz, a multi-talented robot who's tasked with saving a factory from an army of invading mechanical brains. We're promised fast-paced action, lots of puzzle solving and "unique physics-based weapons", along with impressive graphics thanks to the game's use of Unreal Engine 3 and Ageia PhysX.

According to Naked Sky, the core gameplay is "supported by advanced physics simulation", which "offers players a world built entirely from the latest in game technology and robot control theory." And all this whilst still having a total download size of less than 50MB.

"With RoboBlitz, Naked Sky brings to Xbox Live Arcade an enjoyable action title combined with imaginative design," said XLA bigwig Ross Erickson.

"It's terrific to see a game that delivers both thrilling gameplay and cutting-edge technology that really demonstrates the power of Xbox 360."

RoboBlitz will be available via Xbox Live Arcade in spring 2006.

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