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Battlefield 2 patched to 1.3

Wake Island map, new features.

EA and DICE have released patch version 1.3 for Battlefield 2, which takes care of a number of bug fixes and gameplay tweaks (for details of which we'll refer you to the readme.txt) as well as introducing some interface additions and, clearly the highlight, a remake of the Wake Island map from Battlefield 1942.

The patch, weighing in at 165MB, is available now from Eurofiles.

Wake Island has been redone with a 64-player layout and is for multiplayer only. Speaking in one of its community updates on Friday, EA described it as a "modern-era update of one of the most popular maps from BF1942".

Wake Island... OI! ISLAND!

On top of Wake Island (well, actually next to it, or in orbit around it, or something) are the interface changes. The first is a new server favourites and server history features, which allows you to tag your preferred playgrounds and check back over the last 20 you played in case you want to hop back into familiar territory.

There's also a news page to greet you when you log in now, as well as the facility to compare player stats, set up a reservation list for your server and - about time - add a prefix to your nickname, for example a clan tag.

EA's also trumpeting improved mod support, although on that note EA does advise that there's a known issue with mod auto-activation at the moment which it's in the process of squashing. Basically, if you plan to join a server running a mod, for the time being you need to activate it manually beforehand.