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BF2 patch tomorrow?

EA Spain reckons so.

The Spanish arm of Electronic Arts is reporting that the promised 1.4 patch will be released tomorrow, August 15, following a successful spell in beta testing.

As you may recall, 1.4 adds a new map, Road to Jalalabad, along with a no-vehicles server option and a few bug-fixes mumble mumble.

So if you've been holding off giving it a bash while everyone else does EA's job for them, you won't have long to wait until it's all legit.

What's more, the update also notes that EA's first "MODLight" cycle will kick off soon - the plan is to review some of the community mods, reviewing and hosting them on worldwide servers so that they reach a wider audience.

For more specifics and a link to the Spanish original, check out Planet Battlefield's translation.

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