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Battlefield 2 patch plans

Co-op for solo levels, more.

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The next Battlefield 2 patch will introduce networked and online co-operative options for single-player levels and airdropped vehicles, among other things.

That's according to a community update to EA's Battlefield 2 site, which also lists a few of the bug-fixes patch 1.3 will deal with.

The co-op stuff will allow you to play BF2's single-player levels with a mixture of human and AI players, and there'll be server options to modify bot behaviour, too. Presumably of the form "stop nicking Mugwum's helicopter you sod". [Check]

Anyway, the 1.3 patch will apparently be assembled "in preparation" for the release of the Armoured Fury booster pack. So let's hope it doesn't end up setting that back like the last patch derailed Euro Force for ages.

Either way you should get some improvements out of it, and EA/DICE urges: "Keep in mind this is only a part of what 1.3 will include. Our live team is working diligently to provide the best update possible in preparation for the release of the Armored Fury booster pack!"

We'll let you know when they finish.

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