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New Battlefield 2 patch detailed

Thorough testing planned.

DICE has announced that "great progress" is being made on the latest patch for Battlefield 2 - but there's still no word on exactly when it'll be released.

According to the official game website, patch 1.21 will ensure that screen capture works and the server browser can filter by map name.

It will also address performance problems with specific ATI cards, and fix a crash bug that occurs when you attempt to use the Hummer with TOW in the Special Forces expansion. Plus, the number of Claymores you can drop simultaneously has been lowered to two.

The patch will be put through a limited beta test kicking off at the end of the week, according to the website. Apparently the team is "working around the clock to minimize your wait on the release of 1.21, but at the same time want to make sure that the patch is thoroughly tested before it goes out officially."

Which is just as well, given that a bug in the last one held up the release of already-held-up "Booster Pack" Euro Forces, which remains in limbo while this testing goes on. Predictably enough, it's now listed as "March 2006" on the Downloader.EA.com website.