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EA fixing Battlefield servers

Expects them up around midday.

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Those of you experiencing problems when trying to play Battlefield 2, 1942 and 2142 online will be pleased to know that EA is aware of the problem, and normal service should resume around midday.

"It was an unforeseen technical hitch, and we're still working on it at the moment. We hope it will be up by midday today," a spokesperson for EA told Eurogamer this morning. "Obviously and unfortunately these things do happen, and we apologise to all of the consumers let down by this."

There was no word on what the problem actually boiled down to, but rumours continue to fly around that some disgruntled virtual war-loons may have carried out a covert DDOS attack on the servers.

According to the EA Games forums, the technical hiccups started sometime on Sunday, and have carried through until today. And while there's a mob of angry customers calling for an immediate solution, it seems the biggest gripe is that EA hasn't kept the community informed, leaving its loyal fan base in the dark.

Still, a fix is just around the corner. So it's back to your war games this afternoon.

The Battlefield games pitch two teams against each other in an online strategic war game, letting you control land and air vehicles, as well as assault the enemy on foot.

You can find our review of the most recent outing, Battlefield 2142, elsewhere on Eurogamer.

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