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Remember Battlefield 2142? EA shut off the servers for DICE's sci-fi shooter two years ago. But now, determined fans have revived the game - and thousands are playing.

Battlefield is going to be a TV series

Company behind True Detective involved!

Battlefield, a series famed for its multiplayer battles and not its ropey stories, will be turned into a television show. Anonymous Content, the company responsible for hit TV series True Detective, will be in charge, collaborating with Paramount and EA to make it happen.

Battlefield 2142 update adds free maps

Battlefield 2142 update adds free maps

Northern Strike DLC now open to all.

The latest Battlefield 2142 update makes the Northern Strike booster pack free to all players, developer DICE has announced.

First released back in 2007 to measured Eurogamer acclaim, the DLC adds ten new unlocks, three new maps, two new vehicles and a new Conquest-esque mode called Assault Lines.

On top of that, DICE is adding in a few fan-made maps and a number of minor gameplay tweaks too. You can see the full list of changes below.

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DICE doing five Battlefield games

Including a "core" console title.

DICE exec Ben Cousins has confirmed that the team is currently working on no less than five titles in its Battlefield franchise, according to

EA fixing Battlefield servers

Expects them up around midday.

Those of you experiencing problems when trying to play Battlefield 2, 1942 and 2142 online will be pleased to know that EA is aware of the problem, and normal service should resume around midday.

BF2142 unlocks weekend

Use all the upgrades.

Struggling to make headway in Battlefield 2142? You might want to dig it out this weekend in particular, then, because Electronic Arts is planning to unlock all of the weapon upgrades for everyone.

DICE reacts to BF2142 issues

Some solutions, some pledges.

EA and Digital Illusions (DICE) have moved to calm concerns about the current state of Battlefield 2142 after players experienced a number of issues during the game's first few days on sale.

Battlefield 2142

Battlefield 2142

With Walkers more vicious than our own John.

Battlefield 2142 is a game from the future, although perhaps not in the way you imagine.

Built around the trusty chassis of Battlefield 2, its relationship with that game is similar to the one Battlefield: Vietnam shared with Battlefield 1942 - it puts a different slant on the action and so plays quite differently, even though it's fundamentally cut from the same cloth. The phrase "glorified mod" has been uttered in certain cynical quarters. It is, basically, Battlefield 2... but in the future.

Its generic setting is probably one of its weaknesses. Multiplayer games like Halo 2 - founded on a coherent single-player experience - have a sense of world. Here, it's just a mass of semi-science-fiction elements joined together. The idea that this is actually over a hundred years in the future never really comes across. On the one hand we have ultra-science like the Titans, floating fortresses that hover over the battlefields, which may as well be moonlighting in-between Star Trek shoots. On the other, a lot of very normal-looking projectile weapons. You can't quite put the two together, never mind the assortment of robot-walkers (ED-209's generally lovely big brother), little buggies and hover-tanks.

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Battlefield 2142 demo

Conquest and Titan modes.

Electronic Arts and Digital Illusions have released a playable demo for Battlefield 2142, which is due out on PC on 20th October.

Battlefield 2142 demo plans

Open beta to begin in August.

This summer will see the launch of the open beta for Battlefield 2142, the latest instalment in the hit PC shooter series.

FeatureBattlefield 2142

E3: The real cold war is about to begin.

In the year 2142, the world is a very different place. A much colder one, for starters, since a new ice age is dawning. As the Earth's soil begins to freeze over, rendering vast portions of the land uninhabitable, the planet's population finds itself fighting for survival, battling for territory, and embroiled in a bitter struggle over who gets to wear the last remaining woolly jumpers.

DICE confirms Battlefield 2142

With the producer having virtually said it and actual video footage of it on the Internet, DICE has decided to share the news of Battlefield 2142's development with its loyal fans on the BF2 community site, because "we know that you guys need to know first". Moving on...

"The more sniper-eyed of you out there will probably already know, but we're currently hard at work developing 'Battlefield 2142', which is scheduled for release this Autumn," says the update.

"As you'll have guessed, this is a departure for the BF series as we're going into the future - something that a lot of you wanted to see happen in the BF universe. We're creating a ton of cool features that you won't have seen in any BF before, including cloaking devices, mines that follow you, awesome new rifles, guns and grenades, and of course, MECHS!"

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EA and newly purchased pals Digital Illusions are planning another Battlefield game, which features in the latest US edition of PC Gamer.