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Battlefield 2142 demo plans

Open beta to begin in August.

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This summer will see the launch of the open beta for Battlefield 2142, the latest instalment in the hit PC shooter series.

That's according to a DICE representative contacted by community site, who said: "We are going to throw out an open beta in the beginning of August. The beta is predominantly to learn about large scale issues, i.e. when we have [tens of thousands] of people playing at the same time, eliminating some of the problems we have encountered after launch previously in the franchise. Keep your eyes open to join."

A playable demo is promised, too: "The demo for BF2 went out about 10 days before launch if I remember correctly. I am sure something similar will be the deal for 2142," the representative said.

Battlefield 2142 is out in the autumn - you can find out more by reading our preview, if you haven't already.

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