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EA to expand BF2142

With Northern Strike.

EA has announced a booster pack for futuristic online shooter Battlefield 2142.

Northern Strike takes place in mainland Europe, as the war for hospitable Earth rages between the European Union and the Pan-Asian Coalition.

You can expect three new maps: Bridge at Remagen, Port Bavaria, and Liberation of Leipzig.

EU forces will get a new heavily armed IFV Goliath vehicle, and PAC armies will receive a hovering IFV Hachimoto. On top of this there will be new unlocks, badges, ribbons, and gameplay.

"Our number one goal with Battlefield 2142: Northern Strike was to give fans more of the close-quarters combat, increased persistence and new toys they've been asking for," said Kristoffer Bergqvist, the booster pack's producer, who doesn't appear to be able to count. "We've also added gameplay enhancements including two brand new vehicle types in an asymmetrical set-up."

"Furthermore, we're introducing the Titan game mode available into an urban setting and will debut the intensified Conquest Assault Lines game mode."

The game is slated for release in March. Head over to Eurogamer TV for the latest trailer, or to our gallery for the new screenshots.

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